49erNext Program & Application Frequently Asked Questions

Program FAQs

  • Guaranteed admission to UNC Charlotte for 49erNext students who maintain a 2.0 GPA
  • Early Registration and SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration) for 49erNext students on track to earn their associates degree at their community college
  • Workshops for Financial Aid and  Career Services
  • Collaborative advising from the community college and UNC Charlotte
  • 49erID which allows for UNC Charlotte Atkins Library use and discount CATS LYNX light rail and bus and UREC access
  • 49er Athletic Events

While enrolled at your participating community college, you will meet with your community college academic advisor once per semester. In collaboration with a UNC Charlotte academic advisor, special degree plans have been created for you called meta-majors. All of the recommended courses are transferable to UNC Charlotte.

Meta-majors are a grouping of similar majors to allow for exploration within the first year’s coursework. Meta-majors also serve as a prescribed, guided pathway of courses based on the intended major at UNC Charlotte. These meta-majors align with the associate in arts, associate in science, or associate in engineering degrees at your community college allowing you to successfully complete your associate’s degree before transferring to UNC Charlotte.

Earning your associate’s degree before transferring is recommended for a variety of reasons, largely due to your future projected success. 

  1. By completing an associate in arts, associate in science, or associate in engineering degree before transferring, you will receive a full general education waiver. Meaning, you will have satisfied all of the UNC Charlotte general education requirements with the completion of your associate’s degree.

  2. Students that complete their associate degree before transferring, on average, have a higher first semester UNC Charlotte GPA, compared to those who did not complete before transferring.

  3. If you completed your associate degree and followed the meta-major map, you will seamlessly transfer into your intended major.

  • 49erNext is a guaranteed admission program between the associate in arts, associate in science, and associate in engineering degrees. At UNC Charlotte, fine arts, architecture, and nursing degrees have secondary, competitive admissions criteria to meet. Students interested in these majors can still transfer to UNC Charlotte, but these areas of study are not part of 49erNext.
  • Engineering technology programs best align with the associate in applied science degrees in engineering technology at your community college. Check with your community college advisor about how to best align your engineering technology associates degree for UNC Charlotte.

Application FAQs

Yes, all 49erNext students will need to apply to UNC Charlotte during their second year in the program.

It is best to apply the semester prior to transferring. If you plan to transfer in the spring semester,  it’s best to apply in September. If you plan to transfer in the fall semester, it’s best to apply in January. However, the application for admission open up each year in August and you can begin applying as soon as it is available.

No, please use the standard UNC Charlotte transfer application found here.

No, there is not an application fee waiver.

Once you have submitted your admissions application, you can access the UNC Charlotte scholarship portal to apply for scholarships.

Yes, you can apply later and it would not impact your future admission. 

Yes, however courses that 49erNext students are encouraged to take through the meta-major plans are designed to facilitate their transfer to UNC Charlotte and geared towards UNC Charlotte degree program offerings. Students wishing to transfer to an institution other than UNC Charlotte should consult with an academic advisor at their community college.